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The lawn lime calculator helps you in adding lime to your lawn exactly the amount needed as it tells you how much-pelletized lime per acre to raise the pH of the lawn soil.As you may already know that application of lime on the lawn grasses is required for the absorption of the nutrients in your soil and fertilizers that is added.

How much lime to add to soil ?

Generally , you need 20 to 50 pounds (9-23 k.) of ground limestone per 1,000 square feet (93 m²) in a mildly acidic lawn. The lime calculator given below will answer following questions in relation to lime use on your farm land.

  1. How many times lime applications needed ?
  2. What is the timing of lime applications?
  3. What is the quantity of lime needed for lawn per application?
  4. What is the number of lime bags needed for all applications on your field?
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Why lime needed for lawn?

A low soil pH is not good for lawn grass lower pH value because starts inhibiting the availability of nutrients. Lime’s primary role is to alter soil pH and offset soil acidity. So, the first thing to do is a soil test. If the ph level is found low , adding the ground limestone rock which contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate enhance the soil’s pH. That results in less acidic and more alkaline soil. Good for the growth of the lawn grass.

How to know if lawn needs lime?

The two most common symptoms of low pH level in your lawn soil are :

  1. The presence of lawn moss. This signals your soil pH has become too low for strong, healthy grass growth.
  2. Sudden increases in common lawn weeds, diseases, and insect pests.

Thus adding lime stone to the soil will increase pH level making the soil less acidic.

Video on lime treatment on lawn

I find this youtube video excellent on this topic. So watch it to last

What happens when you put too much lime on your lawn?

Since Lime increases the soil pH level, if you put too much lime, it can promote high soil alkalinity. This may lead to iron deficiency and increase in calcium contents. Iron deficiency results in giving your lawns yellow, bleach spots on the leaf blades. Further, the excess calcium in the soil blocks the soil’s ability to absorb magnesium. 

How much time does lime take to work on the lawn?

Although benefits from lime may occur within the first few months after application of lime on your lawn, it usually takes around two to three years for full effect.

Lime pellets vs powdered lime. Which one is better?

Both are good as far as the effect on the lawn is concerned. However, from the ease of doing the job, pelletized lime is preferable, because powdered lime is dusty, challenging to transport, and difficult to accurately apply

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