warm season grass fertilizer

Warm season grass fertilizer calculator is designed for lawns developed in the southern part of USA . You can also use the Cool Season Lawn Fertilizer Calculator published earlier. The climate in those parts of the USA varies from warm (in the winter season ) to scorching hot with high humidity in the summer season.

Warm season grass fertilizer calculator

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Warm season grass & its types

Warm-season grass species for lawns are more tropical and have the best growth at temperatures between 80 and 95°F (27 to 35°C). They thrive in the summer when the temperatures are high. Some of the traits of warm-season grasses are the thick and dense lawn cover which remain green all summer long and will begin to brown in the wintertime.

The most common warm-season southern grasses are Centipede grass, St. Augustine, Bermuda grass, and Zoysia grass. Each of these grasses has its own traits and maintenance needs so they can stay healthy and bright. But like most lawns, undesirable weeds can creep up and ruin the uniform look of your turf.

5 types

Warm season grass identification can be through it color and shapes . Here are five warm-season grass types suitable for warm season lawns .

Sl.NOName of GrassPictureRemarks
1Bermuda Grassbermuda_grassBermuda grass is deep green in color and forms a thick, dense turf. That is quite popular in the South specially used on golf courses. It spreads above the ground as well as below the ground. Its maintenance requirements (fertilizing, watering, mowing) are high.
2Centipede GrassCentipede_grassCentipede grass, popular in the Southeast U.S., is pointed in shape with a notch. It spreads horizontally above the ground and forms a dense turf. It grows in the warm-humid areas and the hot, dry areas are not suitable for it. However, it requires less fertilizer than other warm-season types.
3Dichondrawarm season grassDichondra grass is round and smooth and it forms a pleasing, dense turf. For this reason, it is often used for home lawns n California and Arizona. It requires a constant supply of fertilizer and is often attacked by insects and diseases.
4St. Augustine Grass warm season_ grassSt. Augustine grass is dark green, coarse, sponge, and best suited to warm-arid regions such as Florida and the Gulf Coast region. It requires plenty of moisture for survival. It is often referred to as “Floratam,” which is a variety of St. Augustine grass.
5Zoysia Grassswarm_season_grassZoysia grass is narrow and prickly and creates a feeling of lawns being like a thick, prickly carpet. It is very slow-growing and will produce numerous seed heads if it isn’t mowed.

Warm season grass fertilizer and cool-season fertilizer application are different methods for these two broad types of lawn grasses. These fertilizer calculators are therefore created for making precise farming on lawns .

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